Soma- Super Crit Weapon (*REDUX*) A-

Soma, or Soma Prime, is one of the top tier critical weapons in the game. This baby may have low damage status but its Critical Chance say so otherwise. Both Soma and Soma Prime has similar Damage, Critical chance/damage, reload speed and accuracy, but what makes make a huge different between the Prime and Non … Continue reading Soma- Super Crit Weapon (*REDUX*) A-

Rose Alliance Solo Spy Event

How sneaky are you? Are you that one player in the squad who afk's and waits for others to complete the spy mission, or are you the one who solo hacks all 3 vaults? Show us your inner Ninja, Tenno, and put your spy skills to the test! The goal of the event is to … Continue reading Rose Alliance Solo Spy Event

Astilla: The Glass Cannon

Written By boltzmannbrain Overall Rank: A- Warframe’s sleek new weapon, the Astilla, is the latest addition to the slowly expanding list of shotguns that look as stellar as they perform (not you, Vaykor Hek). Its elegant glass textures and metallic channels make this weapon a fantastic stylistic choice, if fashionframe is your true endgame, but … Continue reading Astilla: The Glass Cannon

Headed For Glory

Plains of Eidolon has come and dropped some awesome sniper buffs. Think you’ve got the aim? Come out and show Royal Destiny what you are made of. Exhibit your marksmanship with your favorite sniper rifle and win prizes as well as bragging rights for your sniping skills! Grineer 1st Place 400 and Lanka Riven Corpus … Continue reading Headed For Glory

Silva and Aegis Prime – A Warrior’s Choice

By : CatfishGG Overall Rating: A Silva and Aegis Prime is one of the best high tier melee weapons in the game. The stance that is used for this weapon, Final Harbinger, is likewise one of the strongest in the game and in addition is extremely mobile. This weapon has insane boosts compared to its … Continue reading Silva and Aegis Prime – A Warrior’s Choice