Royal Destiny

royal destiny

Where it all began, the OG clan. Royal Destiny boasts highly active chats and 100+ members on at any one time. Our members and officers promote a positive and helpful environment and encourage our members to squad together to push the boundaries of what you think is possible!

We host an extensive variety of competitive weekly events including endurance runs, farming runs, speed runs, and many more! These events are designed to test your skill as a player and teammate, and we reward promote members that come out on top in these competitions with in-game currency and promotions.

Our clan has a wide variety of members, with experience extending into highly advanced end-game play. Upon joining, this experience is at your disposal. If you find yourself to be a competitive player, someone who likes to min-max builds, or wanting more of a challenge while playing, you’ll find a home in Royal Destiny!

Game: Warframe by Digital Extremes
Current Status: Moon Clan with 980+ Members
Membership Requirements: MR10 minimum
Clan Research: Fully Researched
Specialties: End-Game, Competitive Environment