Soma- Super Crit Weapon (*REDUX*) A-

PrimeSoma (1)

Soma, or Soma Prime, is one of the top tier critical weapons in the game. This baby may have low damage status but its Critical Chance say so otherwise. Both Soma and Soma Prime has similar Damage, Critical chance/damage, reload speed and accuracy, but what makes make a huge different between the Prime and Non Prime Soma is the status and ammo economy. In my old review I mentioned that the damage for the weapon was very poor, but after discovering the power of Critical Chance and Damage this weapon can kill high level enemies with the following builds below. Now here are some Pros and Cons of this weapon:


  • Both Weapons have good Critical Chance
  • Both weapons are easy to obtain at Mastery Rank 6 for Non Primed Soma and Mastery Rank 7 for Soma Prime
  • Has the highest Critical Damage along with Attica, Rubico and Baza.
  • Has the 3rd highest fire rate, meaning this puppy is like a machine gun.


  • Poor Ammo Economy, whereas the weapon can easily ran out of ammo quickly if you are having problems finding rifle ammo pickups drooped by fallen enemies.
  • Has a low riven disposition which has a negative impact on the weapon itself
  • Reload time of 3.0 seconds, whereas you could immediately killed by a Bombard within 3 seconds
  • Low status chance, so don’t bother put any elemental damage mods in your soma builds.



*Note: the following mods were not maxed rank due to the fact that I cannot upgrade the mods in the simulacrum*

Argon Scope Soma

This build requires Hunters Munitions, Argon Scope, Damage mods and Critical Chance/ Damage mods. However, due to poor ammo economy the weapon has its optional to put Rifle Ammo Mutation mods or replace it with Shred, +30% Fire Rate and 1.2 Punch through.


No Argon Scope.PNG

Same build as before, but with no Argon Scope. Its optional to put Vigilante Armaments or Ammo Drum to increase mod capacity  of the weapon.


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