Soma- Super Crit Weapon (*REDUX*) A-

Soma, or Soma Prime, is one of the top tier critical weapons in the game. This baby may have low damage status but its Critical Chance say so otherwise. Both Soma and Soma Prime has similar Damage, Critical chance/damage, reload speed and accuracy, but what makes make a huge different between the Prime and Non … Continue reading Soma- Super Crit Weapon (*REDUX*) A-

Astilla: The Glass Cannon

Written By boltzmannbrain Overall Rank: A- Warframe’s sleek new weapon, the Astilla, is the latest addition to the slowly expanding list of shotguns that look as stellar as they perform (not you, Vaykor Hek). Its elegant glass textures and metallic channels make this weapon a fantastic stylistic choice, if fashionframe is your true endgame, but … Continue reading Astilla: The Glass Cannon

Arca Plasmor – Incredible

by RoseDestiny GRADE: A+ Overview This weapon is just plain deadly. It has spectacular mob control, amazing crit chance, high status chance and innate radiation; it is already stacked with stats beyond belief. As of right now, it stands as by far one of the greatest weapons in game. To top it off, it even … Continue reading Arca Plasmor – Incredible

Soma- A good Weapon with unique Design

GRADE: C+ DESCRIPTION Soma is a primary assault rifle with some interesting Stats. However, you must be MASTER RANK 6  in order to use this weapon. I love the design of this weapon due to fact that it almost look like a XM-8 5.56mm assault rifle, but in space. This weapon has 2 Polarities  which is … Continue reading Soma- A good Weapon with unique Design


Written By: Cruciatus2 Overall Grade: B+ The way I see it, the default Tigris gets overshadowed by its fancier, more buffed brothers, the Sancti and Prime variants, and for some obvious reasons. I’m going to give commentary on the value of Tigris for a player who never had the luxury of obtaining Primed or dual … Continue reading TIGRIS: TWO SHOT WONDER!