This event will take place on a map you will all be familiar with… Hydron on Sedna! The idea is to defend the objective as along as you can using selected frames and a dagger.

:large_orange_diamond: THE RULES/SUBMISSIONS: :large_orange_diamond:

:small_orange_diamond: Last out as long as you possibly can, the winners will be the ones who went for the most waves.
:small_orange_diamond: This must be completed with 4 people and all people must be from the community.
:small_orange_diamond: A dagger of your choosing will be your only weapon equipped, no other weapons of any kind allowed, this includes all primary and secondary weapons.
:small_orange_diamond: Only frames that will be allowed will be Equinox, Ash, Inaros, Excalibur, Banshee, :small_orange_diamond::small_orange_diamond: Ivara, Valkyr and Wukong. Only one of each will be allowed per group.
:small_orange_diamond: No killing of the enemies by using your Warframe abilities Unless the ability comes up as a melee kill, this must be done with singular daggers only, use finishers to help you with this.
:small_orange_diamond: No companions of any kind.
:small_orange_diamond: We understand that accidents happen and some of these abilities may accidentally kill the enemies, so we will be checking the difference between total kills and melee kills in the screenshots.
:small_orange_diamond: Please submit screenshots of completed run with kills, what weapons used etc.

:trophy: THE PRIZES: :trophy:

:first_place: First Place : 500 :plat: (125 :plat: per squad member )
:second_place: Second Place : 300 :plat: (75 :plat: per squad member )
:third_place: Third Place : 200 :plat: (50 :plat: per squad member )


A very well deserved thanks to StrawKid for organizing this event for the Royal Destiny Community. :clap::clap:

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