Royal Destiny Academy, born from the success of the original clan. A more casual clan, for newer players and veterans alike. Academy offers a wide variety of events, ranging from weekly sortie runs, fashion frame contests and endurance runs alike. Academy has something for everyone.

With a variety of newer and older players, our clan chat is always active with discussion and ideas, surrounding builds, the latest meta and how to deal with the latest nerfs that DE always has in store for its players.

Academy boasts a broad staff team, filled with recruiters and mentors, each offering something unique and special, which has allowed us to design a similarly unique and special Clan Dojo. Fashion Catwalks, a challenging obstacle course, and of course, with the glorious purple covering the walls, our Dojo stands out and offers something for all types of players. Whether it be events, community, or a kick-ass dojo you’re looking for, look no further than Royal Destiny Academy!

Game: Warframe by Digital Extremes
Current Status: Moon Clan with 950+ Members
Membership Requirements: None
Clan Research: Fully Researched
Specialties: Events, All Skill Levels

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