Rose Alliance Solo Spy Event

How sneaky are you? Are you that one player in the squad who afk’s and waits for others to complete the spy mission, or are you the one who solo hacks all 3 vaults? Show us your inner Ninja, Tenno, and put your spy skills to the test! The goal of the event is to complete 4 spy missions, Grineer, Corpus, Lua and Kuva tile sets which all need to be completed in as little time as possible!

:large_orange_diamond: THE PRIZES: :large_orange_diamond:
:first_place:First Place: 500p
:second_place:Second Place: 300p
:third_place:Third Place: 200p

:large_orange_diamond: TO PARTICIPATE: :large_orange_diamond:

  • Complete the parkour course in your dojo. The top 10 people in each clan will be allowed to participate.
  • Once those people are announced, hunt down a judge in Discord, they will then time you on each 4 spy missions.
  • The judge’s names will be given to you. Please be mindful of the judges and do not harass them, be patient you will get your turn.

:large_orange_diamond: THE RULES: :large_orange_diamond:

  • This event will be done with two people, the competitor and one of the assigned judges.
  • Once you and the judge have spawned in, the judge will then commit seppuku, this is to watch and make sure you are following the rules.
  • The judge will then countdown and start the timer, you will need to complete each of the 4 tile sets in the fastest time possible. Each time will be added up as a total.
  • You will have 3 attempts on each faction as to prevent people getting better tile sets than others.
  • This event can only be done with the Excalibur frame only! No Waframe or any other abilities will be allowed.! And no Companions of any kind.
  • You may use weapons but keep in mind it’s very counter-intuitive, so do so with discretion.

The event trials will run from March 5th ending March 12th.
The even itself will run from March 12th ending March 19th.

Get ready Tenno and enjoy!

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