About Us

Our Story

We started our clan in 2015. It was founded by a group of four individuals, RoseDestiny, FerrousWolf, Gbonk, and Papersuit. Our founders met by pure chance running a public mission. They then proceeded to play more missions together and decided “Hey, let’s create an amazing clan.” That was it, the birth of Royal Destiny. We are founded on principles of fun, social-minded, and competitive play, and we’re passionate about making a community full of like-minded people making new relationships and stronger bonds. Due to the ever expanding popularity of our community, we have managed to grow beyond all expectations. It was through the helpful attitude of our members and our strong leadership that we were able to accomplish this. We have certainly had ups and downs, as you can expect from any community, however, we’ve pulled through and can certainly say we’ve come a long way and accomplished a great many things together.

All of our Clans strive for growth and prosperity by bringing the community together. We are an international clan – most of our players are based in: USA, CAN, AUS, UK


Our Rules

1. Put your IGN as your Discord nickname or username.
2. No Spam
3. No Harassment
4. No Racist, Homophobic, or Sexually Suggestive Content
5. No Doxxing
6. No Begging
7. No Politics or Religion in Text Channels
8. Don’t Be A Dick

For a full set of rules, please visit our Discord.

We want our organization to be extremely active. Each clan has an inactivity policy and members will be kicked after exceeding this inactivity limit. However, if you plan to go on holiday or have other circumstances arise that prevent you from logging into the game, please notify a staff member on Discord or in-game and you will not be kicked. If you forget and are kicked, we definitely want you to come back to us!