This event will take place on a map you will all be familiar with... Hydron on Sedna! The idea is to defend the objective as along as you can using selected frames and a dagger. THE RULES/SUBMISSIONS:  Last out as long as you possibly can, the winners will be the ones who went for the … Continue reading FINISH THEM!!

MESA: The Ultimate Gunslinger

by KipSansal Overall Grade: A General Overview: The legendary gunslinger Mesa uses a combination of power and style to destroy almost anything that comes at her using pistols and secondaries as her main weapon of choice. Released in Update 15.5 on November 27th, 2014, she has remained a very strong frame, even through a nerf … Continue reading MESA: The Ultimate Gunslinger

Rose Alliance Lunaro Tournament

Are you tired of working days and nights to get some sweet sweet event prizes? What about making your clan's staff work for YOU and getting all the goods? Well this is your time! In this event, Clan staff competes against other Clan staff to win prizes for THEIR clan on a Lunaro tournament! You know … Continue reading Rose Alliance Lunaro Tournament

Rose Alliance Endless Kuva Event

Tenno, are you tired of farming kuva the old-fashioned way? Do you love survival missions? DE has heard our salty howl and gave us the Endless Kuva survival on Taveuni in the Kuva Fortress. Show us how long you can survive and how just much kuva you can farm. HOW IT WORKS Squad with 3 … Continue reading Rose Alliance Endless Kuva Event

Mot Suffering!

We all know Mot, farming Argon Crystals or trying to see how long you can survive. Most of us are pretty familiar with the map. So we're gonna make things difficult. We'll be picking your load outs, including your dragon keys. THE PRIZES First Place : 100 Platinum Second Place : 75  Platinum Third Place … Continue reading Mot Suffering!