Headed For Glory


Plains of Eidolon has come and dropped some awesome sniper buffs. Think you’ve got the aim? Come out and show Royal Destiny what you are made of. Exhibit your marksmanship with your favorite sniper rifle and win prizes as well as bragging rights for your sniping skills!:dart:

:trophy: Grineer 1st Place 400 :plat: and Lanka Riven

:trophy: Corpus 1st Place 400 :plat: and Vulkar Riven

:trophy: Infested 1st Place 500 :plat: and Vectis Riven

:trophy: All runner ups will get 100 :plat:

This is a 15 wave, sniper only, defense event. The competitor with the highest headshot to kill ratio out of the entire alliance’s entries on their chosen faction wins. 15 % damage is required for your entry to qualify. Full squad preferred and no solo allowed.

There will be at least 1 runner up per faction. The more entries we get the more runner up prizes will be awarded!


Grineer::small_blue_diamond:MR 0-8 Ceres, Casta:small_blue_diamond:MR 9+ Sedna, Hydron:small_blue_diamond:

Corpus::small_blue_diamond:MR 0-8 Phobos, Gulliver:small_blue_diamond:MR 9+ Pluto, Outer Terminus:small_blue_diamond:

Infested::small_blue_diamond:MR 0-8 Mars, Kadesh:small_blue_diamond:MR 9+ Eris, Akkad:small_blue_diamond:

This event will end by Saturday, October 28 at Midnight UTC / 8PM EST.

This event is a battle of skill; it is not about making it easy for your friend. Challenge your friends and make them prove they have what it takes to be a Prime Royal Destiny Sniper!

Contest rules and submissions: The following rules only apply to competing snipers.

:small_blue_diamond:Full squads are preferred (though you’re competing against the alliance).
:small_blue_diamond:Ivara, Limbo and Titania are banned.
:small_blue_diamond:Must have secondary, melee and companions unequipped.
:small_blue_diamond:Squads can be made up of any MR. The qualifying sniper’s MR determines the map  used.
:small_blue_diamond:Only 1 submission per person. Pick your faction wisely!


Participants should enter 2 screenshots to @The Prime Eyva, @boltz, or @Eyva’s Secretary.
:small_blue_diamond: Pause screen that shows the loadouts of frames in the mission.

:small_blue_diamond: Mission reward screen (percent damage, total kills and headshot kills).

If squads are formed to help boost your score you will be asked to make another submission.

Submissions will be tallied and winners will be announced within 72h of the end of the event.

A very warm heartfelt thanks to our event organizers who put endless time and effort to bring forth this event.

:small_blue_diamond: Eyva
:small_blue_diamond: boltzmannbrain
:small_blue_diamond: Shifty9
And many others who helped playtest for the event

A very warm thank you to Broadax for funding and boltzmannbrain for donating to this event.

Leave a comment below in the comments section to share your thoughts 😀

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