Soma- A good Weapon with unique Design



Soma is a primary assault rifle with some interesting Stats. However, you must be MASTER RANK 6  in order to use this weapon. I love the design of this weapon due to fact that it almost look like a XM-8 5.56mm assault rifle, but in space. This weapon has 2 Polarities Madurai Pol which is very useful. Although this weapon has a poor damage base and long reload time, the weapon still makes up by its critical stats, magazine size and high ammo capacity.  This weapon I can say its good but it requires a lot of damage-based and elemental damage mods to be able to kill higher level enemies.



Magazine by default is enough

Ammo Capacity is sufficient by default

Good Critical Base damage



POOR: Damage

Reload time

Noisy Weapon


Stats at a Glance

Mastery Level 6
Magazine Size 100 rounds per mag
Max Ammo 540 rounds
Reload Time   3.0s
Disposition Rank  1/5
Normal Attacks
Crit Chance 30.00%
Crit Multiplier 3
Status Chance 7.00%
Impact 1
Puncture 4
Slash 5

WARFRAME 25_08_2017 00_15_35BUILD:- No forma but free polarities 


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