Written By: Cruciatus2

Overall Grade: B+


The way I see it, the default Tigris gets overshadowed by its fancier, more buffed brothers, the Sancti and Prime variants, and for some obvious reasons. I’m going to give commentary on the value of Tigris for a player who never had the luxury of obtaining Primed or dual stat mods and fancy variants, as well as always having less than 700k credits. Basically, I’m taking this from the ‘poor man’ perspective.

Let’s start with obtaining the weapon.

Mastery Rank 4 is the required to have access for Tigris, obtainable from the liset market. I’d describe Mastery Rank 4 as the ‘Experience Borderline’ as it’s the level which most newer players have begun to mature.

That means that as these players navigate the star charts (or return to them, as is the case with returning players such as myself) they’ll need a weapon which can shred through enemies. Something with heft, something that can work against anything that gets thrown at them. Grineer, Corpus, Infested, Corrupted.

This is where Tigris comes in. The normal Tigris is rather inexpensive to create:

  • A total manufacturing cost of 65,000 (Blueprint and Building)
  • 3 Orokin Cells
  • 900 Circuits
  • 1,200 Salvage
  • 1,200 Rubedo

With a relatively small grind to obtain, this makes Tigris an easy weapon to obtain for MR4 and above.

Taking from experience, Tigris as a base weapon is a bit strange to wield. It’s a weapon that fires off two shots quickly, but has some reload time before the next burst. That doesn’t keep it from destroying most normal low-level enemies. Despite its lack in Impact and Puncture damage, it still manages to take out Corpus and Grineer with ease. Two shots and a tight spread means the enemy is getting hit by multiple pellets dealing pretty lethal damage. The second shot can be held for a second target, or used to finish off the first. It has a good status chance as well. This makes Tigris pretty good to use for picking off single targets.

But this is a shotgun. A weapon that should be able to do crowd control. Something to decimate multiple opponents.

This is where Tigris is rather disliked. It’s not actually a shotgun that acts like a shotgun. I’d describe it more as your everyday hand cannon, as it deals heavy damage to a single target. People who normally use shotguns with a looser spread see Tigris as a disadvantage in the field particularly because of that and the fact Tigris is a double-barrel with a weird firing mechanism. The fast that Tigris is a double-barrel shotgun also means reloading constantly. I should also mention that Tigris can sometimes be used like a sniper rifle. Yes, a shotgun that can hit targets over 100 meters away while preserving enough of its damage. It’s a strange utility, but this brings us into the next topic. Tigris isn’t a shotgun, and it’s definitely not an orthodox method of sniping. No, Tigris is a multi-tool.

The modding capabilities of Tigris make it a truly intimidating weapon. It can be modded for maximum Slash damage, various elementals, even range or spread. Mixing and matching these different components can create a weapon which destroys anything on any planet.

However, not every MR4-MR8 has a fully maxed Primed Point Blank and a variety of corrupted shotgun mods at their disposal. Some, like me, have only the normal mods and a limited selection of dual-stat mods. This doesn’t stop Tigris from being extremely effective at its primary job, decimating enemies across the star chart.

I use a build that prioritizes on making Tigris easier and more versatile to use. This means increasing reload speed, projectile acceleration, and utilizing 90% elementals to maximize damage.


For the aforementioned lower-mastery rank players, they might not have the rarer mods, which means they’d have to take a different approach. I’d take an educated guess and say maximizing on Slash damage, adding a few elementals, and using damage percentage mods like Point Blank. There’s also nightmare mode/alert mods like Blaze which would be very likely to be in possession by said players.

Lastly, I’ll cover the most important part of Warframe, of course. FASIONFRAME!

One advantage Tigris has in fashionframe is its inherent badassery. Flying into the field of battle with a double barrel shotgun is fearsome!


Overall, players who have to play ‘on a budget’ would find a weapon like Tigris to be an extremely useful tool. It’s a great mix of elements that takes a bit of getting used to, but can prove to be formidable even in some higher level missions. Definitely not mastery fodder, but if you’re a higher rank player, look for Tigris Prime!

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Stats At A Glance


Mastery Level 4
Weapon Type Shotgun, Primary
Trigger Type Duplex-Auto


Fire Rate 2 rounds/sec
Pellet Count 5 pellets/round
Magazine Size 2 rounds/mag
Reload Time 1.8 seconds

Normal Attacks

Impact 105
Puncture 105
Slash 840
Status Chance 25.0 %
Critical Chance 5.0 %
Critical Multiplier 2.0 x

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