Mot Suffering!

We all know Mot, farming Argon Crystals or trying to see how long you can survive. Most of us are pretty familiar with the map. So we’re gonna make things difficult. We’ll be picking your load outs, including your dragon keys.

:trophy: THE PRIZES:trophy:

:first_place: First Place : 100 :plat: Platinum
:second_place: Second Place : 75 :plat: Platinum
:third_place: Third Place : 50 :plat: Platinum

:large_orange_diamond: THE RULES :large_orange_diamond:

  • You will be given a selection of load outs, choose a different one for each party member.
  • You may use any mods and arcanes you prefer. No companions or ANY items.
  • No doubling up on load outs or mixing them around, you will use them as they are listed below.
  • Prime variants may be used for Frames only.
  • Event must be completed with a full squad of alliance or clan members.
  • After you have completed your run, we will need an end of mission screenshot from each of you for proof of load outs.
  • Multiple runs are allowed. Upload required SS for each party member after each run. The squad you do your first run with will be the squad you do EVERY run with. Subsequent runs with random fill ins will not be counted.
  • The 3 highest scoring squads by weekly reset will claim the plat!


The event will run for exactly 1 week.

Very best of luck Tenno :EvilBlob:

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