Zenistar, A Worth Weapon to wait for 300 Days?

By Prince_Husky


Overall Grade : A+

Zenistar is a Heavy Blade Weapon that can be obtained by login for 300 Days. It comes with V stance polarity and 1 V polarity on its mod slot. It has an unique mechanics when you fully charge attack this weapon, it launches a disc that will form an energy waves on nearby area.


Looking at the stats, it has 0.8333 attack speed, 130 Heat damage, 25% status and 5% crit chance. Pretty bad isn’t it? But what you really need to concern is its charge attack that launch its disc. What happen is you will create an energy waves that lasts for 45 seconds and launch time of 4 seconds. The energy waves deals 350 Heat damage and 50% status chance. It will deal 1.2 damage per second and can be faster with attack speed mods. This is the real deal, since the status chance can be increased, but in my build, 50% chance is already good for long runs. I personally use this when I go 1hr of fissure survival. It also has 4 meters range of energy waves that can be increased with (Primed) Reach.


Pros :

  • Incredible Damage
  • End game viable
  • Its charge attack covers large area when (Primed) Reach is equipped


Cons :

  • Slow Attack speed
  • Not very good for casual damage dealing


Zenistar Build

The build that I’m using right now has 3 Forma (2 if you don’t want to change the stance)

Zenistar Build.jpg

*Elements can change depending on enemy type


Why using viral radiation? For long runs, you need to cut half of enemy health so you can kill them faster and Radiation to confuse enemies. Also Drifting Contact for a bit of status chance bonus.


Is this weapon worth to keep?

Of course! Since most players use this for end game, so it’s always worth it! It’s also good for exp farming for your frame!

Stats at Glance :

Mastery Level 0
Normal Attacks
Crit Chance 5.00%
Crit Multiplier 1.5x
Status Chance 25.00%
Heat 130.0



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