Lex Prime – Sniping Pistol

By: Keyori

Overall grade: Must Have (A-)


The Lex Prime is an incredible sidearm for any lead slingin’ pistol lover worth their salt. This beautiful work of orokin craftsmanship has vastly improved stats over the normal Lex, featuring higher base damage (puncture based), nearly double the fire rate of the un-primed Lex, 5% more crit chance, and a whopping 15% more status chance! The Lex Prime makes a good counterpart to the high fire-rate/status AkStiletto Prime and the medium firerate status/syndicate proccin’ beast known as the Vaykor Marelok.


  • Very high damage.
  • Excellent critical chance, critical multiplier, and status chance.
  • A built in Y polarity, for mods like hornet strike, barrel diffusion, and lethal torrent.
  • Decent fire-rate for a weapon with such high per-shot damage.
  • Mastery requirement of only 5!


  • Akstiletto Prime vastly outdoes it in terms of constant status procs (lookin at you, corrosive!).
  • Slightly slow on the draw in horde based combat, lacking high fire rate and reload speed.
  • ⅕ riven disposition (whilst AkLex Prime shockingly has ⅗ riven disposition).


Overall, I highly HIGHLY recommend the Lex Prime to anyone wanting a good, reliable pistol to take them all the way through the star-chart, and soaring into the stars of sortie level. However, I must state that I can not give Lex Prime the full A ranking and the reason behind this is its quick-shootin’ partners in crime, the AkLex Prime. While Lex Prime has better accuracy, and is easier to obtain with 3 less mastery requirement than AkLex Prime, it also has a worse riven disposition, less firerate, and the sad fact that you could be wielding even more than just one of this amazing hand-cannon at one time.
Here’s how I mod the Lex Prime!

lex prime

This build is very cheap, and very flexible. You may max out every mod if you see fit, with this forma setup, or you might use 1 or 2 less, and use non-primed pistol gambit and target cracker. Need more status? Swap convulsion for jolt, need even MORE damage? Swap pistol pestilence for primed heated charge. The Lex Prime is a weapon you can mod to fit your play-style!


Stats at a Glance


Mastery Level 5
Weapon Type Secondary, Pistol
Trigger Type Semi-Auto


Fire Rate 2.08 rounds/sec
Magazine Size 8 rounds/mag
Reload Time 2.35 seconds

Normal Attacks

Impact 15.0
Puncture 120.0
Slash 15.0
Status Chance 25%
Critical Chance 25%
Critical Multiplier 2.0x

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