Orthos Prime – This Old Weapon is Still Good!

By : Prince_Husky


Overall Rating : A


Orthos Prime is a polearm weapon that comes in Update 9.0. A very old weapon that is still exist and still farmable to this day. This weapon comes with a MR 2 required to be claimed and equipped, a total damage of 85, = stance polarity (perfect for shimmering blight), 10% crit chance and 15% status. A very decent stats of a melee weapon.


What makes this weapon special is its range. With Primed Reach equipped, you can reach out to 9m range. That’s insane!. This weapon also have 1.17 attack speed so fury/primed is not really needed, also the slide attack damage is insane either!, Making this weapon is the best almost all faction you are facing! Either Orokin, Grineer, Corpus or Infested they are wrecked in seconds.


What about end game? Since this weapon comes with 15% status chance and 10% crit chance, its really difficult to go among 200++ level enemies, 100 level is still good but I don’t really recommend to go for long survival. Though some frames are able to go beyond that with orthos, these frames are :

  1. RhinoOrthose Prime Rhino
  2. HarrowOrthos Prime Harrow
  3. BansheeOrthos Prime Banshee
  4. Ash (Seeking Shuriken)Orthos Prime Ashe


Pros :

  1. Good for daily missions
  2. Fast Attack speed
  3. No problem on most enemies under 100 level

Cons :

  1. Not good for end game
  2. Crit not always showed up unless combo counter is over 3x


Build :

The build that im currently using : (3 Forma, All V)

For endgame, I like viral better than most elements, but still you guys can choose anything you would like.

Orthos Prime Build

Q : Why no Maiming Strike?

A : You can replace Drifting Contact/Organ Shatter for that. But really are you gonna slide attack for an hour? Unless youre born to do that


So, is this Worth?

Absolutely, I’m still using this as my daily 20 mins of fissure and it had no problem at all.

Stats at glance :

Mastery Level 2
Attack Speed 1.17
Channeling Cost 5
Slide Attack 144
Disposition Rank  1/5
Normal Attacks
Crit Chance 10.00%
Crit Multiplier 2.0x
Status Chance 15.00%
Impact 9.8
Puncture 9.8
Slash 45.5

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