Arca Sisco: A Hybrid Powerhouse

by boltzmannbrain Overall Grade: A The Arca Sisco, the pocket pistol that accompanies the large-and-in-charge Arca Plasmor and Arca Titron in the Arca bundle, is the least visually eye-grabbing of the three. But its small size belies a deadly sniper pistol with the supplemental stats for a lethal hybrid build that can proc status reliably … Continue reading Arca Sisco: A Hybrid Powerhouse

Lex Prime – Sniping Pistol

By: Keyori Overall grade: Must Have (A-) The Lex Prime is an incredible sidearm for any lead slingin’ pistol lover worth their salt. This beautiful work of orokin craftsmanship has vastly improved stats over the normal Lex, featuring higher base damage (puncture based), nearly double the fire rate of the un-primed Lex, 5% more crit … Continue reading Lex Prime – Sniping Pistol

Knell – Headshot Machine, but at what cost?

by Inn0x Overall Grade: A- / B+ The Knell is Harrow's new signature Pistol, released in the Chains of Harrow Patch (U21), and has a rather unique playstyle. It has a magazine size of one, but if you manage to aim decently and headshot, you gain a 3 second buff (Death Knell) which grants you … Continue reading Knell – Headshot Machine, but at what cost?