Trinity, The All-Day Frame You Need For Raids and More

By : Prince_Husky

Overall Grade :

As a Support ? : I say A+, here’s why :

First of all, who doesn’t know either EV or Bless? This warframe is your best of choise for support-type frame in every situation. Mostly like long run survival, Raids, support for farming frame, etc.

As a Raid Frame ? : A+ !, here’s why :

In a raid, what you really need for a carry is your EV (or I say 2nd skill), and your Blessing too! For a team-cover support frame, Trinity is a must for a raid.

As a Farming Frame ? : D- , here’s why :

None of her skill are used to farming anyway. Most of them are a supportive skill, not to be purposed for farming purposes

As a Tank ? : B+, here’s why :

Her 3rd and 4th skill is the best choise for a tanking trinity. But since her 4th skill are capped at 75% damage reduction and the energy cost is pretty expensive. A tank trinity wont last long


Overview :

          Trinity is a support frame that has been introduced since the beginning of the game, and Prime was introduced in Update 17.6. She has a passive of Reviving downed player faster and from farther away, not really a good passive but it’s still good for a support frame. Trinity is mostly used in Raids, EXP farm and much more.


Her 1st skill, Well Of Life , what this skill do is raising the enemy up in the air, and make them vulnerable to you and your ally with each attack on targeted enemy, it will heal you or ally that attack that enemy. Not really for an end game skill but still worth a shot. This skill is affected by every aspect of power.

Her 2nd skill, Energy Vampire , Now this is your main skill usage. What this skill do is damaging a targeted enemy with in exchange of energy in return. The more Strength you have, the more damage and energy in return. This skill is affected by every aspect of power

Her 3rd skill, Link , Basically you will “Link” your body to an enemy, and if that enemy is aiming at you, the damage will return to the corresponding enemy. Good for a tank trinity. This skill is affected by every aspect of power except power strength.

Her 4th skill, Blessing , One of the main skill beside Energy Vampire. What this skill do is restoring health and shield for you and your ally. After healing, you and your ally in radius will get a damage reduction depending on your strength. More str means more damage reduction you get (Capped at 75% damage reduction. Probably at 145%-155% str). This skill is affected by strength,duration and efficiency.


For most supportive trinity, most players uses EV build or Bless build since 2 of them are used for most cases like raids, defection, survival etc.


Allies :

Everyone! Who doesn’t love trinity in their squad?!

Enemies :

Harrow – In most cases even Harrow can still be your allies, but harrow support skill is almost comparable to trinity, even his 4th skill Covenant, your bless is next to useless


Pros :

  • Top tier support in the game currently
  • Easy to farm
  • Easy to build
  • Takes less forma to build

Cons :

  • Not a solo frame
  • Requires some good mods to maximize her
  • Shes not that tanky


Trinity Build

For the build, I’m currently using 2 builds,

Trinity EV Build (2 Forma by Prince_Husky)

Trinity EV Build

     Explanations :

1st, why 12% Duration ? : Because you need to refill your squad energy as fast as you can. So lower the duration is a must for Trinity

2nd, why 250% Range ? : Because you need to get your ally energy as far as you can, simply because sometimes your ally is everywhere. At least cover their energy in large distance is the best choise

3rd, why 224% Strength ? : Because the larger the strength, the more energy you can get.

Usage : Most player use this for an energy refill in most situations, I usually use this in Raids and EXP farm.

Trinity Bless Build

Trinity Bless Build (2 Forma by Prince_Husky)

Explanations :

1st, why 282% Duration ? : The longer the duration, you can give you and your allies a damage reduction

2nd, why 34% Range ? : Since her bless is not really affected by range, you can ignore it.

3rd, why 145% Strength ? : A bit of RNG here, since the damage reduction is capped at 75%, the best choise for maxing it out is putting strength between 145%-155%, but I don’t want to risk duration loss so 145% is fine, you can get 70%+ damage reduction and that is already good.

Usage : Mostly this build is used in Raids



So, is this worth to get?

Yes of course! You must be insane if you think this frame is bad!




This frame is a must have frame, especially her 2nd and 4th is insane skill that you will not regret having this frame in your frame inventory.

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