The Second Dream

By: Lerest


The Second Dream is part of the main quest line for Warframe and comes directly after Natah. Now a recap of Natah, Tyl Regor and ourselves release the sentient Hunhow from his sleep and we figure out that the Lotus is Hunhow’s daughter, therefore Lotus is a sentient. Early on in the quest you are forced to team up with your good friend, Alad V.  Alad V helps you find a fragment of Hunhow which is actually a trap Hunhow had place to find the Reservoir.

You are then sent to stop the Stalker (Hunhow’s new buddy/surrogate) from entering the void and thus the Reservoir. Upon reaching your portal to the void you are greeted by your first sentient, a Conculyst. You will have a hard time defeating the Conculyst because it can adapt to your damage. So when you finally do make it past the Stalker has already entered the void. The Lotus tells you that you must remove the Reservoir from the void and your first task is turning on the void compass.

When you try to turn it on you will be attacked by a decked out Stalker. You might think, oh, this is just like the regular Stalker, pretty easy to kill. No, not at all. This version of Stalker is in his Hunhow gear so now he can adapt to your damage like all sentients. Once you have that done you must defeat the security eye by making it shoot the glowy void pillars releasing the pendulum. You will then, after following the way points find the moon and the Reservoir within. The Lotus will remove the moon from the void to stop the Stalker from entering it.

The moon(Lua) is now available to enter. You will enter the Reservoir and here old voices of Marguilis and Ballas. Then you will come to a room in which a cut scene will happen. Pods will come out and one pod will move forward in it a small body will flop to the ground and you will lose vision in your warframe.

The small person will then move to the warframe activating it. You are the small person and the small person is known as the operator. You will have to escape Lua with your warframe and evade the sentients that try to stop you.

Once you make it into your orbiter you will go into the center back room. You will go up against the Stalker while you try to charge the Transference Device. When it is charged another cutscene will happen where you finally beat the Stalker, Lotus appears to put you in the device and talk to you about where you and your void powers originate. You will be prompted to join one of five tenno schools. These schools are, Madurai, Vazarin, Unairu, Naramon, and Zenurik.

You have now completed the Second Dream.

Don’t forget to share your experience about The Second Dream quest in the comment’s section below. Have fun!

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