Supra Vandal! Just Amazing.


Overall Grade: A

Digital Extremes has done a spectacular job on the Supra Vandal. As compared to the original Supra, it is a major upgrade. It has better magazine size, ammo capacity, higher accuracy and extra two polarity slots. If you participated in the event, it should already come with a slotted blue potato.

This weapon may have slow reload speed, low critical chance, and low status. It is still a monstrous weapon. With such high ammo capacity, amazing fire rate combined with high puncture damage plus elemental mods equipped, it makes up for those disadvantages.

This is definitely a must-have weapon in your arsenal.

  1. It comes with two extra polarities, only need to forma this weapon at-most 3 times.
  2. Do Not use this weapon as a mastery Fodder.

Supra Vandal Build:

No Forma

by ImHeroic (RDE)


Stats At A Glance:

Mastery Level 10
Magazine Size 300 rounds/mag
Max Ammo 1600 rounds
Reload Time   3.0s
Normal Attacks
Crit Chance 2.50%
Crit Multiplier 1.5x
Status Chance 5.00%
Impact 4.5
Puncture 33.8
Slash 6.7

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