Fashion Frame Contest


For this fashion contest, you must make your warframe look like a representative of any syndicate of your choosing. In this round, some things should be noted: your captura skills, story, and teamwork with other people will affect your overall score. And yes, due to the recent addition of multiplayer captura, having more people participate into one theme adds bonus points to each one of you individually!

Disclaimers: Fashion is very subjective, and because of that, we have 10 judges. Yes, entering solo puts you at a huge disadvantage. Get some people and work together!


1) Submissions are to be made to @Poriwinkle (d.vawinkle) OR @Dan (DanDay21, xDandy) (not both)

2) Submissions will not be accepted if format or rules are not followed

3) Each tenno must make a submission individually

4) Even though being in a group is beneficial, you will be graded individually

5) Any submissions entered before submissions open or after they close will not be accepted

6) Once a submission is put in and finalized, you may NOT change it


[Captura Photos] = At least 1

[Arsenal Photo] = At least 1

[People you were with and what your frame is]

[Colors] – Be SPECIFIC (Ex: Classic palette: C1,R17 = first one from the left, 17 down) [Attachments]


[Themes, References, Story, Title, Etc.]


Individual Grade:

Color Synergy /50

Thematic Feeling/25

Uniqueness */25

Group Grade:

Team Synergy */50

Captura: Area Lighting */15

Contrast Balance */15

Pose */15

Bonus Points: +5 Points per extra person: */15

Total: */210



1st place: Maiming Strike

2nd place: Frost Prime Set

3rd place: 300 plat

4th-10th: your choice of the following prize pool:

-Nikana Prime Set

-100 Plat

-Tigris Prime Set

-Trinity Prime Set

-Ash Prime Set

-Carrier Prime Set

-Vectis Prime Set

Submissions are open at:

Monday, 22 May 2017 @2PM PST – Monday, 29 May 2017 @2PM PST

They will be announced on: Wednesday, 31 May 2017 @2PM PST

For any queries, contact @Poriwinkle (d.vawinkle) or @Dan (DanDay21, xDandy) through discord or ingame chat.

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