Oberon/Oberon Prime: Jack of All Trades, Master of None

Overall Grade: A-

General Overview:

Background: Oberon’s played the long game. He took all the abuse the world could deal out, and now he has a crown. Once hailed as the worst of all Warframes, second only to Hydriod, DE decided to make Oberon the King he was suppose to be. The Warframe community is rather split on how the rework changed Oberon, but what is for sure is that he is not what he once was.

Drop Locations: Oberon parts are only obtainable from “Eximus” units in the game and have a random chance to drop. The longer you play the game the more pieces you will end up collecting and hence the community has called Oberon the “Money” frame as all excess pieces can be sold. Hydron On Sedna is a good place to start.

Oberon Prime has the following Drop Locations and their Rarities.
Oberon Prime Blueprint Meso N4 Uncommon [Silver]
Oberon Prime Neuroptics Meso O1 Rare [Gold]
Oberon Prime Chassis Axi H2 Common [Bronze]
Oberon Prime Systems Axi O1 Rare [Gold]

Resource Requirements: Oberon has the following Resource Requirements

  • Neuroptics require 150 alloy plates, 1 control module, 150 polymer bundles, 500 circuts and 15,000 credits.
  • Chassis requires 1 gallium, 1000 polymer bundles, 300 rubedo, and 15000 credits
  • Systems require 1 orokin cell, 1 gallium, and 220 alloy plates along with 15000 credits.

Oberon Prime has the following Resource Requirements

  • Neuroptics 15000 credits, 10 control modules, 4000 alloy plate, 1500 circuits, and 2 nitain
  • Chassis 15000 credits, 3 gallium, 100 oxium, 1250 rubedo, 7,500 salvage
  • Systems 15000 credits, 2 argon crystals, 250 plastids, 6000 nanospores, and 1250 polymer bundles.

Overall Stats:

Oberon has the following Stats
Oberon requires Mastery Rank 0 to acquire. At base level Oberon will have 125 health, 100 shields, 150 armor, 150 energy and a sprint speed of 1. 2 polarities, 1 being a V in the aura and a V. At Max Level Oberon will have 375 Health and 300 Shields as well as 225 energy.

Obeorn Prime has the following Stats.
Oberon Prime requires Mastery Rank 8 to aquire. At base level Oberon Prime will have 125 health, 100 shields, 225 armor, 175 energy and a sprint speed of 1. 4 polarities, 1 V in the aura, 1 V and 2 -[Dashes].Oberon Prime will have 375 health, 300 shields and 262.5 energy at max level.


Smite. A linear Ability that guarantees a Impact and Radiation proc on contact. From there Orbs will spawn ans target hostile AI dealing damage. In the past this ability was treated as trash but now tih decent Power Strength it can deal massive damage and be a good CC ability.

Hallowed Ground. An ability that creates an area of greenery that deals a Radiation Proc and damage to enemies. Can be used a s a nuke ability wih extremly high Power Strength. Has interactions with Renewal and Reckoning.

Renewal. A Regenetive heal ability that allows rapid heal regeneration to allies, or a Heal. If used with Hallowed Ground Armor is given to allies standing on hallowed ground.

Reckoning. A Knockdown ability that can has a 50/50 chance to give health if an enemy is killed. Radiation is guaranteed and if used with Hallowed Ground enemy armor is stripped. Scales with Power Strength and takes Corrosive projection into count.

Pros: Oberon’s main Pro going for him is that he becomes a more passive healer than Trinity for the following reason, Trinity has to actively cast either Well of Life or Blessing to restore health to her teammates while Oberon simply needs to cast his Renewal once and simply maintain it. Oberon also becomes a wonderful crowd control warframe as his smite allows him to turn enemies against themselves as well as his hallowed ground causing a radiation proc on enemies and his Reckoning forcing Public enemy number 1 enemies to the ground. The true beauty in Oberon comes from the ability to intertwine abilities in order to use them. HG and Reckoning allow most Oberon’s to remove all armor from enemies in 2 casts and combined with viral the damage is just insane. Not to mention HG with Renewal can give armor to warframes, and it being additive allowed frames who have 15 armor (Volt, Limbo, Mag, Trinity) to be able to take a hit before going down.

Cons: Oberons heal doesnt heal immdiately, as its a regenerative heal. In instances where you need the team healed instantly and given a damage reduction, trinity is still the best call. The Armor stripping is useless if a team filled with corrosive Projection is made and with most frames running Quick thinking Oberon becomes 2 things a Jack of all Trades, and a situational substitute that may not always get to be involved. Relies on Team Comp to decide his duty.

Tips and Advice:
Oberon players should always have their hallowed ground up as well as their renewal in order to maintain heals, armor, and Rad always active. The Heal can be maintained in 3 ways, Energy orbs, Trinity Energy Vampire, or With Rage. As his Renewal is a channel he will not receive energy from restores. Proceed with caution if you use rage, as you may go down while trying to gain energy.

Oberon Build:

Screenshot_1In this build we have 101 duration for a nice ~20 second Hallowed Ground, Along with 175% Efficiency we have low cost and low drain on the Heal, with Range at 160% we have a nice area to work with on Hallowed Ground but It can be replaced for Power Drift but I do not recommend it. With Power Strength at 145% the heal and armor buff is nice and most abilities will deal nice damage. However Reckoning will need 2 casts to remove armor, and unless Blind rage, Power Drift, Transient fortitude and Intensify are sued it will always need 2 casts. If you want to lessen the duration penalty Intensify is a suitable replacement. Streamline can be replaced for Rage to make energy maintenance somewhat manageable.





The Easier to Maintain, not as efficient Build.


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