Clan Event: Void Olympics!

Show your strength and conquer the biggest challenges the void has to offer!


Hello everyone! In preparation for upcoming Warframe Clan Events, Royal Destiny will be hosting our very own Olympics in the Void! Here, we will present you with two challenges, each lasting a week long, to prove yourself and strengthen bonds between clan members. This event is TEAM ORIENTED, meaning teams of 4 will compete against each other. The top 5 teams of each challenge will be rewarded with honour, bragging rights, and of course some awesome prizes! On top of individual pursuits, all results will be tallied throughout the event to show which clan is the most competitive!

A new channel has been added #olympics-leaderboards to keep track of the top squads and clan performance!

Will @Royal Destiny show us why they are the original clan? Will @Royal Destiny Academy overcome the competition with new excitement and fresh enthusiasm? Or will @Royal Destiny Elite show everyone why they are truly the elites of Warframe? Prove your clan is the best by making a squad and competing in: ROYAL DESTINY’s VOID OLYMPICS

WEEK ONE: GUARDIAN TRIAL Test your teamwork and cooperation by seeing how long your squad can last in Defending at Belenus, VOID. Monday, April 24th at 12:01AM EST – Saturday, April 29th 11:00PM EST

WEEK TWO: ENDURANCE TRIAL Test your endurance and strength by seeing how long your squad can survive at Mot, Void. Monday, May 1st at 12:01AM EST – Saturday, May 6th 11:00PM EST(edited)


1. You can squad up with any member from the Main, Academy, or Elite Royal Destiny clan. However, only squads with 4 members from the same branch of Royal Destiny (I.E. all 4 members from Academy) will be added to the clan tallies.

2. Each player can only join one squad. Participating in multiple squads will exclude those squads from the competition.

3. One person from each squad will be responsible for sending a screenshot of your mission summary page to @Dandy before the end of each trial. All team members must be visible in the screenshot. Send me your squad name, as well as the IGNs and clans of the members in your squad. Submissions sent after will not be accepted!

4. Submissions sent in early will be added to our hourly updating Leaderboard. Try/submit as many times as you want!

5. Other than that, any gear/frame/weapon goes! Try your best to be creative, test your limits, and show us what you are capable of!


Guardian Trial: 4x energize arcanes 4x mag sets 4x grace arcanes 4x ash sets 4x barrier arcanes

Endurance Trial: 4x frost sets 4x avenger arcanes 4x fury arcanes 4x rage arcanes 4x carrier sets


Gold, silver, and bronze medals will be added as roles to all first, second, and third place finishers respectively! :first_place: :second_place: :third_place:

On behalf of Royal Destiny, good luck! If anyone has any questions or concerns, contact myself or another warlord.

Special thanks to @[RDA] Broadax, @jaymanrules/dannight21(VIP), and Dan for donations. A big thank you to @MoronixProduct3 for the promo picture.

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