Royal Destiny Obsidian

royal destiny obsidian

Introducing Royal Destiny Obsidian! We are an international community that is home to a full range of players. Our members are committed to providing a helpful environment to new players that are actively seeking to learn the game, but we are also creating an environment that will encourage a competitive mentality.

We at Royal Destiny Obsidian have a primary focus of developing high caliber players with an emphasis on group play and high clan activity & involvement. To do this, we host a monthly competitive league, that will both be rewarding in the prizes received but also in the connections made within our community.

As a newer player, you will have access to a wealth of information directly from a patient and willing veteran players. We also support a mentor program, a Warframe Q&A box, and an archive of written guides and resources that is meticulously maintained. As a veteran, you will be recognized for the information you pass on to other, and serve as an ambassador of our community. You will also find a competitive environment that will dive you to become better. In addition to our monthly league, we offer sorties completed daily, Eidolon hunts, endurance farming runs, and so much more!

If you are a player looking for an environment that will serve as a place to learn and grow or to provide sweet relief for that competitive itch, you need not look further than Royal Destiny Obsidian!

Game: Warframe by Digital Extremes
Current Status: Mountain Clan, 150+ Members
Membership Requirements: MR3 minimum & must use Discord
Clan Research: Fully Researched
Specialties: Competitive League, Player Development, Plains of Eidolon, Fortuna, Nightwave