Royal Destiny Elite

royal destiny elite

Royal Destiny Elite is the second expansion to the Royal Destiny community. We are an international Warframe clan that is the home to a wide range of players, from experienced veterans who strive to maximize their experience, to casual players looking for an active and helpful environment. Above all, we strive to make sure all our members are having fun in a friendly community!

We host an extensive variety of bi-weekly events including endurance runs, speed runs, fashion frame contests, and many more! We also offer a massive fully researched dojo with a corpus themed trading center, an exquisite trophy room, and a challenging obstacle course.

Our clan has a broad array of expert Eidolons hunters enjoying the hunt while also lending a helpful hand to players who want to learn and understand the intricacies of Eidolon hunting, adding to our available comprehensive guides and resources. Eidolons hunts, custom events, and an awesome dojo are just some of the things that make up this great community, and we would love for you to join us!

Game: Warframe by Digital Extremes
Current Status: Moon Clan with 900+ Members
Membership Requirements: MR10 minimum and must use Discord
Clan Research: Fully Researched
Specialties: End-Game, Eidolons,